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Neurology Tests in Monmouth County, NJ

Explore Treatment Options for Epilepsy & Other Neurological Disorders

In order to better understand your neurological condition, Amor Mehta MD – Neurology Center for Epilepsy & Seizures, LLC can perform diagnostic services using modern equipment. Our comprehensive imaging and monitoring tools offer better information than ever before. We are pleased to do everything possible to help you feel comfortable during your diagnosis.

We offer the following diagnostic services:

  • MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) works by charging molecules in the body with radio and magnetic frequencies that cause the molecules to release energy and produce an accurate image of the tissues and other materials in the body.
  • EEG: Electroencephalogram (EEG) uses electrodes affixed to a patient’s head to monitor brain activity during different stages of brain activity. These tests are painless and noninvasive. Contrary to what some may think, no electrical charge is sent to the brain. It is only a means of gathering data.
  • Ambulatory Video EEG: Similar to an EEG, the patient is affixed with electrodes that monitor what happens in the brain. The difference is that the patient goes home with the electrodes still attached, allowing them to create a fuller picture of what happens during normal activity at home. They can also bring a small video camera with them that will keep track of any abnormal behaviors.
  • Inpatient Video EEG Monitoring: The patient stays in a hospital/medical center to undergo continuous video EEG monitoring using specialized EEG equipment. Stays can last up to 72 hours or longer, in certain circumstances, in an effort to obtain the best possible results.

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