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  • Epilepsy Treatment Options
    Epilepsy Treatment Options

    The word, epilepsy can sound kind of scary, but in reality, it is a very common disorder that many people live with every day. Read on to learn more about epilepsy and the treatment options available. ...

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  • Can Stress Cause Seizures?
    Can Stress Cause Seizures?

    What Increases the Chance of Having a Seizure? A seizure happens when there is a change in our brain’s levels of excitability that causes chemical imbalances. These imbalances cause neurons to begin ...

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  • What Are the Different Types of Seizures?
    What Are the Different Types of Seizures?

    When a patient is having a seizure, it's imperative for them to receive proper medical treatment. However, before any treatment, healthcare providers need to classify which type of seizures are ...

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