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Seizure & Epilepsy Treatment Monmouth County

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At the Neurology Center for Epilepsy & Seizures, our team of medical professionals seeks to improve ways of handling neurological conditions in ways that help patients live the lives they were meant to. We bring medical knowledge together with advanced treatments and state-of-the-art tools to provide the care people need.

Treatments We Provide

Seizures occur when chemical imbalances in the brain cause neurons to fire abnormally, sending motor signals to the body that cause uncontrollable movements. While there are many suspected reasons why for seizures occur, such as triggers, genetics, or injuries, there is no known underlying cause. However, advancements in the science of neurology have resulted in new, safe treatments that can help epilepsy patients.

NCES provides treatments such as:

  • Medication: Painkillers, sedatives, and anticonvulsant medications can help epilepsy patients manage symptoms and reduce discomfort
  • Diet therapy: Evidence suggests that a diet high in fats and proteins while low in carbohydrates can help patients better regulate the chemistry in their brain without the need for surgery or medications
  • Surgery: In cases where tumors are the cause of a patient’s seizures, surgery can be used to remove problematic tissue in the brain
  • Neuromodulation therapy: A relatively new treatment for neurological disorders, this option can help patients by stimulating nerves and creating growth in the neurons
  • Medical cannabis: As access to medical marijuana increases, results have shown CBD to effectively manage the number of seizures in patients who were unresponsive to other treatment methods
  • Diagnostic services: For patients suffering from an unknown neurological condition, our team can diagnose your illness and help you plan effectively for treatment

About Our Team

We are committed to helping patients find the treatments they need to live healthy, seizure-free lives. Dr. Amor Mehta, MD, founded NCES to give patients a single location where they could obtain the care and treatment for their epilepsy-related conditions. Our focus is solely on finding the right solution while making comprehensive epilepsy care convenient for patients.

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    Enjoy quality of life with treatment options that leave you with minimal side effects

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