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Medical Cannabis for Epilepsy in Monmouth County

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Intractable epilepsy and its related comorbid neurological conditions can be quite severe, often resulting in daily seizures requiring costly medications and a poor quality of life. Thanks to the recent interest in pursuing cannabis-based medications, cannabidiol (CDB) is now being administered to epileptic patients. The results have been encouraging.

In one 2017 study of CBD, researchers investigated the drug’s effects on those with a rare condition called Dravet syndrome. This disease can cause anywhere from hundreds to thousands of seizures a month, along with constant seizure activity in the brain. For those in the study who received CBD treatments, the median number of seizures dropped by over half—reducing from 12.4 per month down to 5.9. Epidiolex (trademarked by Greenwich Biosciences) is now available for patients with severe epileptic encephalopathies: Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

New Jersey, as a medical marijuana state, allows for registered providers with the NJ Medical Marijuana Program to register patients onto the patient registry where patients may then proceed to a participating NJ dispensary to obtain the cannabinoid product that may help control intractable epileptic seizures. Dr. Mehta networks with providers in Colorado and California to stay at the forefront in this pioneering stage of cannabinoid medicine.

A Ray of Hope

Many of the patients in the 2017 study of CBD had already undergone many other treatments, often exhausting the available epilepsy treatments and medications. For them, CBD offered a safe way to manage their seizures without having to rely on expensive medications with more harmful side effects.

Dravet syndrome is only one of the conditions shown to respond to CBD treatments. Other conditions include Parkinson’s disease and even some psychological conditions such as anxiety. While the treatment may not work for everyone, Amor Mehta MD – Neurology Center for Epilepsy & Seizures, LLC offers CBD care as an option for those in New Jersey looking to explore its benefits.

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