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About the Neurology Center for Epilepsy & Seizures in Monmouth County

Neurologist in Monmouth County, NJ Providing Treatments for Patients to Thrive

While neurological conditions can affect anyone regardless of background, there are very few treatment centers dedicated to helping only those dealing with epilepsy and other related disorders. At the Neurology Center for Epilepsy & Seizures, we understand how difficult it can be to adapt to these kinds of challenges. Dr. Amor Mehta and his staff are committed to finding solutions that work for you and allow you to get back to enjoying life.

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Advanced Treatment Solutions for Adult and Pediatric Patients

At NCES, we offer state-of-the-art treatment options focused specifically on epilepsy and other related neurological disorders. Dr. Mehta practices both adult and pediatric epileptology, treating patients as young as three for epilepsy and seizures, as well as practicing adult neurology. We serve Monmouth County, NJ, with diagnostic testing facilities that employ advanced equipment such as video EEG and other epilepsy monitoring equipment often limited to hospitals.

NCES also pioneers treatment using cannabinoid medicine for patients with intractable epilepsy or other qualifying conditions as per the NJ Medical Marijuana Program. (Cannabinoid medicine evaluations are conducted on a fee for service basis.) This exciting new frontier of medicine has demonstrated many promising benefits, and we are proud to help our patients find peace with their neurological disorders using this option. As pioneers in the use of this new treatment, Dr. Amor Mehta and his team bring comprehensive experience to each patient’s treatment plan.

What Makes Our Center Different?

When you need care for epilepsy and its related conditions, NCES brings together advanced equipment as well as modern medical knowledge to help our patients find the treatment option that works for them. By bringing all our solutions and medical knowledge under one roof, we have better access to helpful information that gives our patients better outcomes. Dr. Amor Mehta is one of the nation’s few board-certified epileptologists. With NCES, our practice brings knowledge and equipment together to create effective solutions for patients.

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Well Beyond Healthcare

  • Advanced Treatment

    A unique epileptologist that thinks outside of the box & is open to new ideas outside the standard of care

  • Caring & Compassionate

    The art of medicine and the ability to help patients is second to none at NCES.

  • Improved Care

    Enjoy quality of life with treatment options that leave you with minimal side effects

  • Board Certified

    One of few board certified epilepsy specialists in the state of New Jersey who is at the forefront of his field.