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Managing Epilepsy During Seasonal Travel

Managing Epilepsy During Seasonal Travel

Whether it’s summer, winter, or even fall or spring, managing epilepsy during seasonal travel can be tough. But everyone has a right to move and see and experience the world at some point! So here are some tips to manage your epilepsy during seasonal travel.

Discuss with your Doctor

It may sound silly, but the very first thing you ought to do is talk with your doctor. While your doctor doesn’t really need to know you’re going away on vacation or a trip, they need to know how to keep you healthy. Your doctor may give you tips for managing epilepsy such as reminding you to take some extra anti-seizure medication with you or creating a new time to take your medication during a time shift. It’s also important in the case of a seizure and hospitalization. The hospital or some other caregiver may want to contact your doctor who should be up-to-date with all of your medical information. That way you are best protected.

Plan Up

Planning for your time on vacation as well as your time when you get back from will make managing epilepsy much easier. As mentioned, anti-seizure medication may be important to keep track of for your travels. Something like a pill organizer may make managing epilepsy easier, instead of winging it. If you do use medication, don’t keep it all in one place, in case one bag gets lost. Have extra emergency medication in a bag or somewhere you feel absolutely sure you won’t lose. Over-the-counter medications like vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals may be helpful in keeping you well rested and seizure-less during your travel. But be sure to discuss with your doctor who will know how to best manage your epilepsy.

Discuss with your Family & Friends

Lastly, make sure whomever you are traveling with is aware of your condition. That way they will be primed to act in the case of an incident. It will also be helpful for you since they will likely be able to help manage your epilepsy with you. If you want to learn more about managing epilepsy during seasonal travel, please feel free to call us at 732-856-5999.

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