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Ways To Keep Track Of Your Seizures

Ways to Keep Track of Your Seizures

Seizure tracking is important when it comes to managing seizures. It’s a great way to keep track of data that can be helpful in learning more about your epilepsy, symptoms, and potential healthcare solutions. There are plenty of methods for seizure tracking so let’s go over them.


There are, of course, seizure tracking apps available to download onto your phone. We are all likely on our phones most of the day anyway, so it’s probably a good idea to start tracking there. We also almost always know exactly where our phones are and keep them with us basically all day. That means you have an easy and reliable place to track any data you need to track. In case of an emergency, you could pass off your password to a trusted source to access your phone for seizure tracking. There are free apps available to log seizures such as Epsy which is available on any kind of device. Shop around and see what app will suit you best.

Pen and Paper

Of course, tried and true pen and paper seizure tracking is an option. If you like writing things down, are well organized, or want a physical record, pen and paper is a great way to keep track of your seizures. You also have the most customization of any option available with pen and paper. Just choose a notebook, a planner, a special seizure diary, or make up your own. It might also be the superior option, because for some reason, we seem to remember things better if we write them down rather than type them down.

Special Devices

While an app and pen and paper requires you to physically input every kind of seizure, there are devices that can track automatically. Some of these special devices can also alert caregivers or emergency responders in case a seizure occurs. Some of these devices are designed to detect repeated shaking movements during a seizure, but they have a chance of not picking up small movements. If you have trouble remembering to keep track, or experience rather rough seizures, a special device may be your best method of seizure tracking. But if you’re interested in learning more about seizure tracking then please consider reaching out to us at 732-856-5999.

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