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The Role of Technology in The Management of Epilepsy, Including Wearable Devices and Apps That Can Help People Track and Manage Their Seizures

Epilepsy comes in a range of severity, but for many people it is life-altering. Fortunately, medical science has made some tremendous advances in the management of epilepsy and seizures. Technology plays an important role. Wearable devices and apps can help people track their seizures and manage them. They can also provide neurologists with additional information that can help us tailor a treatment regime for a patient.

Wearable devices and apps can continuously monitor your health. They capture body signals and can let you know when something is abnormal. They do not have to measure the actual seizure to be useful. Seizures are related to other changes in the sympathetic nervous system, such as heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. So, that information can help your doctors.

The great thing about wearable devices is that they are non-invasive and relatively inexpensive. You may already have something similar. Apple watches and other e-watches already have the ability to monitor your health. There are also specialized devices that work with apps to monitor things like blood sugar. As this technology continues to develop, we expect it to become even more affordable and easy to use. Which makes it great for families who need devices for their children.

These wearable devices can even track the onset of seizures. Through long-term tracking, your neurologist may be able to identify whether certain triggers are related to your seizures. That information is critical to helping you manage them.

In addition, while most people do not think of epilepsy as a potentially fatal disease, repeated seizure attacks can increase your risk of mortality. This is a two-fold effect. It can happen because of circumstances caused by the seizure, like head injuries from falling. It can also help from repeated seizures themselves. While deaths are unusual, being able to predict seizures, even with just a few moments notice, can let people take steps to mitigate the dangers of a seizure.

Contact us today to discuss how wearable devices and apps can help with the management of your epilepsy.

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